International Development Week 2016

As part of our efforts to improve the health and well-being for the world’s most vulnerable, we are committed to bringing more attention to the unique nutrition needs of women and girls.

Celebrate International Development Week – a time for Canadians to learn more about the innovative and effective ways Canada is helping to make a better world.
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Leadership and Partnership in the Fight Against Malnutrition: Joel Spicer's address at World Vision Canada's AGM


MI President and CEO Joel Spicer talked about the next generation of development partnerships at World Vision Canada’s 2016 AGM.
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Field Stories

Agnes’ story: a champion for safer births in Kenya


MI and its partners are working to reduce the risks of pregnancy and delivery in Kakamega County, Kenya, through a community-to-facility linkage program.
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Saving lives through better diarrhoea treatment: Recent accomplishments in Bihar and Chhattisgarh

Since 2009, MI has been working in Bihar and Chhattisgarh to ensure that children suffering from diarrhoea get treated with zinc and oral rehydration salts (ORS).

Since 2009, MI has been working in two of India’s high-burden states, Bihar and Chhattisgarh, to ensure that children suffering from diarrhoea get treated with zinc and oral rehydration salts (ORS).
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From the Experts

The Power of the Multisectoral Approach

MI KEDOUGOU  Cérémonie de lancement du PINKK 12 décembre 2015

What makes PINKK so unique compared to other nutrition projects is above all its multisectoral approach. This approach depends on a win-win partnership between organizations with an expertise that is both unique and complementary and the various sectors working directly or indirectly on nutrition (health, agriculture, livestock, fisheries, community development, early childhood, etc.)
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Can Canada create a lighthouse effect for women and girls?


Canada has been and remains a lighthouse in the fight to end malnutrition. Lighthouses amplify and reflect light, they are constant, they show the way, and they protect people. What needs to happen, however, is to create a Lighthouse Effect for women and girls if we really want to see change. It is within our power to do so.
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MI shares best practice and solutions to meet SDGs at pan-African food and nutrition forum

Women and children in Ethiopia

MI subject matter experts participated in the Fourth African Food and Nutrition Forum in Ethiopia.
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Kenya’s nutrition results inspires at Africa launch of the Global Nutrition Report

Kid in Daycare-Heroes Academy-edit size

Over 140 top government officials and nutrition experts from across the East Africa region met in Nairobi, Kenya, on December 7, 2015, for the launch of the GNR and the GNR Africa Brief.
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