Senegal Minister of Trade and MI President sign agreement to tackle iodine deficiency disorders in West Africa


The Micronutrient Initiative has reinforced its commitment to addressing iodine deficiency disorders in West Africa through a new agreement signed with the Senegalese Ministry of Trade. This agreement will aim to strengthen Senegal’s export capacity and increase the proportion of people in Senegal and in the region that have access to adequately iodized salt.
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New website – increased commitment to global nutrition


We are incredibly excited to introduce our new web site to you! When you visit, you’ll be treated to an updated experience of MI online – including changes to our design, navigation and information.
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Field Stories

“I am converted”: Birthing Access to Safer Deliveries

Irene Omurunga shares her experiences of retraining as a Birth Companion as part of MI’s Community-based Maternal and Newborn Health and Nutrition project.

Irene Omurunga was reluctant to give up her role as a Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA) in Mumias West, Kakamega County in Kenya. “I used to be a famous Traditional Birth Attendant known in the entire village,” she explains. “I was a staunch TBA who could not be transformed.”
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The Mechanics of Nutrition

Two workers are repairing salt iodization machines in Senegal

It is ten o’clock and the sun already spreads its warm rays over Lac Rose. From the shore, one can hear the clamor of salt harvesters singing at work since sunrise. Immersed in water up to their chest, these men break blocks of salt on the bottom of the water before they shovel it up and fill canoes with a capacity of more than one metric ton. On the banks, women land boats and pile salt on the edges to dry in the sun.
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From the Experts

Scaling up leadership: What links Senegal, Germany and Ethiopia in the global fight against malnutrition?


Do you ever feel like some events and global trends that shape the world pass you by and you wind up hearing about them long after they’re done? I certainly do. But there’s something exciting and worth noticing that’s happening right now in global health and development that has the potential to impact millions of the poorest people in the world: the acceleration of global leadership on nutrition.
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Understanding the cycle of poverty and malnutrition $1.75 at a time


I love food and am proud to work for the Micronutrient Initiative – an organization working for the world’s most vulnerable who don’t have access to the nutrition needed to support their health and well being. For this reason – and a few others – I am taking the Live Below the Line Challenge.
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MI Board meeting discusses impact of global nutrition programs


Joel Spicer, President, the Micronutrient Initiative (MI) and Strive Masiyiwa, Chairman and Founder of Econet Wireless, Chair of MI’s Board of Directors and one of CNN Fortune magazine’s top 50 world leaders, discussed MI’s global nutrition programs and their impact on survival and health.
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Live Below the Line 2015


Live Below the Line is a unique campaign that offers people the opportunity to get a sense of some of the difficult choices people living in extreme poverty have to make. 1.2 billion people around the world live on less than $1.75 a day.
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